“Keating Economics” (watch and decide for yourself)
Oct 7th, 2008 by scaredpoet

With what’s going on in the economy, I think this is a must-watch for anyone going to the polls next month:

Honestly, I was undecided myself and didn’t comment much until recently. But no more.

Why we’re doomed.
Oct 5th, 2008 by scaredpoet

This lovely bumper sticker was spotted whilst walking down the street one day:

I'm voting for sarah!

Oh, are ya?

The mere existence of this bumper sticker implies a couple of things to me. First, there’s at least one faction within the GOP that is printing election materials that tacitly admit John McCain will probably kick the bucket during his term in office if elected, leaving this ditz in the Oval Office.

Second, yes, neocon stupidity is still alive and well in the US. And it could still doom us. Sure Palin did okay in the primaries, and people seem to be cheering on the fact that she could barely stalemate with Joe Biden. People love how “likeable” she is.

I’m sorry, she may be likeable. But she’s also quite vapid. And when there’s a financial crisis, or an energy crisis, or a war we’re trying to get out of, having a pretty but braindead airhead in the position to make decisions is not very comforting. And what’s this? Oh, right, all three crisies are happening at the same time, right now.

America, let’s face it. We’ve botched two elections and pissed away eight years. We’re at our lowest point in history and dragging the rest of the world with us. Let’s not botch a third election. Please?

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