Happy Birthday, Internet!
Sep 3rd, 2009 by scaredpoet


The Internet has just turned 40 yesterday. Did you forget to buy it a gift? >:(

The above photograph features a rudimentary concept sketch of ARPANET illustrated in 1969. By 1970, ARPANET had connected the two coasts of the United States. Three years later, the network went global.
The 1970s also ushered in e-mail and the TCP/IP communications protocols, which allowed multiple networks to connect—and formed the Internet. The ‘80s gave birth to an addressing system with suffixes like “.com” and “.org” in widespread use today.

Step 1 of brand identity 101: Learn how to spell your own name.
Jul 31st, 2005 by scaredpoet


So if Pentax is the “Official Digital Camera of the InternetTM, does that mean that Petnax is “teh l33t3st cam EVAR for teh Intarweb L0LZ?!”

UPDATE: Pentax has discovered their error and corrected it. But thanks to screen capture, I can make sure they’ll never live it down. I think it’s only fair turnabout considering they’re parading their stupid trademark like it’s an official award or something. Considering there is no standards body to declare anyone the official anything of the internet, I could call myself the Official Scared Poet of the InternetTM and no one could contest it… nor would it have any real meaning.

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