Legislative grandstanding makes for “Sh*tty” TV
Apr 27th, 2010 by scaredpoet

A while back I ranted about the complete and utter usefulness of senate and congressional hearings, and how they just end up being a dog & pony show for polticians to try and look good to the public as they grill the Bad Guys in testimony, while in fact doing absolutely nothing of real use.

Well, they’re still grandstanding. As if we haven’t figured it out by now, after 2+ years of a crappy economy, the Senate is just now “getting to the bottom of” that Big Bad Financial Scandal. In particular, the Goldman Sachs thing.

My prediction: Next week, the Senate will open hearings on indecency and profane language on cable news networks. Because today during that Goldman Sachs Senate hearing, this went out over the airwaves, uttered by a senator. Into people’s homes, into workplaces and offices, in waiting rooms and airports, and certainly within earshot of children…


No, I’m no prude. The profanities spill out of my mouth so often that sailors blush. But these lawmakers are the same people who get all in a huff over indecency in the media now and then. Shouldn’t they practice what they preach? We certainly could’ve gotten the gist of the message without the “s” bomb landing on TV at least 5 times in less than two minutes.

That was a shitty thing for Carl Levin to do, if you ask me.

Just sayin’...

“Keating Economics” (watch and decide for yourself)
Oct 7th, 2008 by scaredpoet

With what’s going on in the economy, I think this is a must-watch for anyone going to the polls next month:

Honestly, I was undecided myself and didn’t comment much until recently. But no more.

Why we’re doomed.
Oct 5th, 2008 by scaredpoet

This lovely bumper sticker was spotted whilst walking down the street one day:

I'm voting for sarah!

Oh, are ya?

The mere existence of this bumper sticker implies a couple of things to me. First, there’s at least one faction within the GOP that is printing election materials that tacitly admit John McCain will probably kick the bucket during his term in office if elected, leaving this ditz in the Oval Office.

Second, yes, neocon stupidity is still alive and well in the US. And it could still doom us. Sure Palin did okay in the primaries, and people seem to be cheering on the fact that she could barely stalemate with Joe Biden. People love how “likeable” she is.

I’m sorry, she may be likeable. But she’s also quite vapid. And when there’s a financial crisis, or an energy crisis, or a war we’re trying to get out of, having a pretty but braindead airhead in the position to make decisions is not very comforting. And what’s this? Oh, right, all three crisies are happening at the same time, right now.

America, let’s face it. We’ve botched two elections and pissed away eight years. We’re at our lowest point in history and dragging the rest of the world with us. Let’s not botch a third election. Please?

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