Autumn = Easy Color Photos
Nov 18th, 2005 by scaredpoet


Name: “Collegetown Autumn Evening”

Subject: This Old House, and a lot of leaves

Medium: Lumix DSC-FZ30K, Leica OC Vario-Elmarit Lens (1:2.8-3.7/7.4-88.8 Asph.) – Exposure program: Normal – 1/1.8”CCD – f/2.8 – ISO 80 – focal length 7.4 mm (35mm equivalent: 35mm) – Flash: Off – OIS Mode 2

Date: November 18, 2005

This is primarily an inaugural test shot from a new camera. The general area in which this shot was taken is in such a state that any real beauty is becoming fast extinct, primarily because it is a town that has become rather schizophrenic. It tries hard to maintain a sleepy college town type of appearance, and yet wants badly to reap the benefits of urbanization, urban revitalization, and gentrification. But with creative framing, it’s mostly possible to eek out the last vestiges of organic beauty here, even though heavy construction and ghastly postmodern art is rudely intruding upon the scene.

I might attempt to take more pictures of this area before the place gets “redeveloped,” which I hear is slated to happen soon. It seems like the last time anyone though of taking photos of the place was back in the day, and no one bothered to really revisit the place when the age of color made it big in photography. It would be nice to catpure what’s left in all its beauty before it’s all gone, and battleship-grey highrises take its place.

RealTime TransFlective
Oct 22nd, 2005 by scaredpoet


The above is an example of some awesome art by various people submitted to the Transparent Screens photo collection. Have a look!

Sep 2nd, 2005 by scaredpoet

No one uses the phone anymore.
The tracks are wrecked and the odometer’s ticking.
The edge is pushed and the lines are melting.
Too scared to look at what I hear outside.
Release,Protect. Embrace, Engulf.
Remember the summer.
Protect. Enslave. In love.

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Zorak’s Meal
Aug 14th, 2005 by scaredpoet


Praying Mantises are evil, evil creatures.

That is all.

Activist/Hippies, in trances
Aug 11th, 2005 by scaredpoet


Name: “Dred Kinetics”

Subject: Activist/Hippie dude

Medium: Nikon N60, Nikkor 35-80mm Ai Zoom Lens – Exposure program: Manual
– Kodak MAX 400 color 35mm film
– Unknown shutter or f/stop settings
– Flash: Off

Date: May, 1999

This was taken in downtown Philadelphia, during one of the “Free Mumia” rallies that were all the rage back then. Since that time, Mumia has changed his story significantly and all but a few diehards have withdrawn support. But the photos of the crowds and happenings of these events are still a sight to behold.

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