A blast from the past: the original iPod goes on sale again
August 20th, 2009 by scaredpoet

UPDATE: Looks like Apple either sold out of these iPods, or the page was a fluke. Either way, the page has been removed from the site, but the screenshot below remains…

iPod 1st Gen

Not seen on sale since 2002, Apple is bringing back refurbs of the very first iPod music player and is selling them in their online store for $129 apiece. Not really ure how they ended up back on sale after so long, but there they are, for the taking.

Note that these are the very first iPods ever released, back in the fall of 2001. That means these guys are sporting black & white passive-matrix LCD displays, mechanical buttons and scroll wheels, and a now laughably-small (by today’s standards) 5GB hard drives. There’s no video playback capability, or even photo display capability for that matter. The only color they come in is white. No capacitive touch interfaces, or compasses, or a Genius Playlist. And these guys were out there way before the notion of a music player showing cover art even existed, let alone have features like CoverFlow or VoiceOver.

Windows users also need not attempt to purchase: the original iPod was Mac-Only, and uses a firewire interface. No dock, no USB.

From a features-only standpoint, this isn’t a very good deal considering that for only $20 more you can get a brand new current-generation iPod that’s lighter, more rugged, has more storage space and can just plain do more. But then, there is a certain kitsch to having in your hands a near-mint original version of the greatest digital media player out there. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Apple’s remaining supply of them sold out quickly.

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  • grubby writes:
    August 21st, 2009 at 5:35 am

    My first thought: $129?! That’s some fucking goofassery Apple.

    Then again, they’re probably selling old stocks of them (unless they built new ones?), and in computing a 2001 music player is a little antiqued.

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