October 24th, 2004 by scaredpoet


You're in deep right now
And were bound to fall in and get stuck anyway.
You've seen it coming all along.

It seemed inevitable - that's why you kept denying
Who you are for so long;
Admitting causes you to fall in.

Perhaps you've been Down all along.
And this explains why you've never
Really gone home.

The point is you're there,
And you're alone,
And the people who matter are in holes themselves
Looking up;
Searching for hands to grab onto,
The way you search for hands right now.

So you blindly crawl, searching,
Constantly searching;
Constantly groping -
Not necessarily for hands
Since you've convinced yourself
That Down isn't such a bad place to be.

Before, you were looking for importance,
Something to immerse yourself in.
Passion is your motto,
And Down is devoid of passion.
But something went wrong along the way;
You see,
You're not supposed to know you've fallen in.

But you admitted
And you faced your demons
And you were enlightened
And now you're restless
And you can't do anything about it.
All that's left is searching for hands,
Because they're the easiest thing to focus on.

You've yearned for hands for so long,
And hands you still have not grasped.
You're far too young to be Down,
But don't despair.
Just remember,
That you can only be Down for so long.
One day the passion you are full of will have an outlet.

One day, hands will bring you Up,
And Up you'll stay.
Those hands won't let go.

Your knowledge doesn't have to be a curse.
Remember that all around you are cracks,
And people fall Down all the time.

But they all get Up,
And they all get Up smiling.
Realize this and you will be galvanized the next time you are Down.

And next time, you won't have to be Up to smile. 

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