AH! What happened?! It’s BRIGHT IN HERE!!
February 19th, 2005 by scaredpoet

Yeah I know… the site’s lookin’ a li’l wonky today. I’m in the middle of a major code revision, and to keep the site up, I’ve had to fallback to a simpler design.

I’m not sure how long this change will last, as some serious css changes need to be made to the original layout to get it things up and running properly. If the old style sheet does come into compliance, well, it’ll probably be very obvious. 🙂

UPDATE: Fixed! I think…

The original design just wasn’t cutting it, so for now I’ve come up with an alternative. This doesn’t look too shabby, though if I can get the old CSS to work a little better with the new coding scheme from WP 1.5, I’ll bring back the old design.

This site is now running:

WordPress 1.5 “Strayhorn”

PHP 5.0.3 (finally!)

MySQL 4.1

Apache httpd 2.0.53

And getting all of them to play nice isn’t easy, but rewarding once it does happen. 🙂

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