The world’s largest disposable camera
June 18th, 2006 by scaredpoet

Everyone knows that you can judge how good a photographer is by the size of their camera, right?

Okay, well of course that’s not true. But the Chicago tribune reports that a group of seven photographers from the legacy project are saying that size matters anyway. They’ve converted an old aircraft hangar into one giant camera obscura:

The photographers are using a nearly 31-by-111-foot piece of white fabric covered in 20 gallons of light-sensitive emulsion as the “negative.”

After exposing the fabric for up to 10 days, they will develop it in a huge tub made of pool siding, using 200 gallons of black-and-white developer solution and 600 gallons of fixer.

The photographers joke that they also are making the world’s largest disposable camera. When they are done, the hangar will be torn down.

No doubt, such a sizeable camera will probably produce quite a clear photograph. I just worry that the camera’s lack of permanence might rub off on the negative: how does one care for such a huge photograph?

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