Pix Plox 2007, Part 3: New York Ren Faire, and the unwashed masses
March 3rd, 2008 by scaredpoet

New York Ren Faire

Although I might not have the uber-long hair, wear leather, or speak ultra-dramatically, I have to confess that deep down, I’m a Ren Faire geek. Sure, the real Renaisance was probably hellish to live in, but there’s a general vibe at the reenactments that glosses over the bad stuff and emphasizes the fun. I mean really, where else in present civilization will parents gladly leave their children in the hands of a sweaty, burly unshowered guy with dreadlocks as he hurls them around in a wooden tub labeled the “Barrel of Bedlam,” and actually pay him for the privilege? Where else in modern times can guys wear tights and women wear what some derisively call “gravy boats,” the package goods of both sexes blatantly out there for everyone to gawk at, without so much as the bat of an eye?

The Ren Faire, that’s where!

Thankfully, one of the best Ren Fairs around, the New York Ren Fair, isn’t too far away from me. If you want a vibrant photo opportunity, this is the place to go.

Photos of the last weekend of NY Ren Fair 2007 are below the cut. Enjoy!

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