The Lady Who Lived by the Lights
July 27th, 2004 by scaredpoet

On the cold winter evenings when the day has washed away my restraint
When the streets call and I have to answer
When my mind's forgiveness is eased by the cool of the night
I find myself walking by the house
of the lady who lived by the lights.
I always remembered the way very well
As though I walked the patch every night in my dreams.
I will always remember with whom I first walked that way
And I was always reminded when I would catch
the shimmering puddles at my feet.

With the breeze blowing and the trees around me knowing
I'd stare and remember in through a window - in at the light -
With my hope and my memories I'd remember and I would know
that the lady who lived there was one with the night.

Sure, she had a few relatives living in town
And if you really wanted to know, you might be able
  to find out who they were if you asked around.
But, she was someone who no one ever talked of aloud
Though in their mind and privacy always did.
Everyone had their own ideas and "Facts" about her
  and where she was from;
I had been hearing them all ever since I was a kid.

They said she nearly married once.
Some say they could remember when she was the sparkle
  in the eye of every man in town.
But this is where the story goes sour.
If her love left, died on the road
Or their love just swallowed each other,
No one seems to agree
and no one will probably ever know.

And sometimes, when I stand out there late at night
I know I should be getting home.
I know that someone is waiting for me to call,
But my mind wants to stay
And stand there, hearing the cats playing in the trees
  and the street lights hum.
I know for some reason, it's where I feel the least alone.
Sometimes, I wonder if I'll ever know what happened
 and sometimes, I dream of her.

"Until your love knows you, will forever be your end,"
She once told me as I slept.
But just who she meant it for, the more I try to understand it,
  the more I don't.

And it leaves me, standing there,
Looking up... where I see the lights;
The lights that are one with the night.

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