Changed names and derailed upgrade paths
Aug 4th, 2009 by scaredpoet


So, my old photo gallery is largely inoperative at the moment. Not that it had anything of really significant value, and I DO have backups of everything, but because the developers of phpwebgallery decided to turn it into something else without really letting users fo the old stuff know what’s going on, the upgrade path is quite botched to say the least.

I appreciate that we’re all about web 2.0 and making things look exceptionally pretty, complete with ditching perfectly utilitarian software names into fruity, ambiguous, twitter-friendly portmanteaus. Heck, I’ve moved this site a few times from the dark and angsty color scheme it originally had into Macster-hip-roundness you see before you today. But when you don’t really offer an easy way for followers of your old code to maintain or migrate, it can be a real headache!

Since I now prefer the more integrated photo approach to my blog, I probably won’t be migrating from phpwebgallery to “Piwigo”. Instead, I will just fix links and move old gallery images into the in-line gallery format as time permits, in order to restore functionality. But seriously, what a pain!

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