Antivirus: Coming to a De’wI’ near you!
May 18th, 2009 by scaredpoet

Klingon Antivirus

Capitalizing on the reboot/sequel of Star Trek now in theaters, computer security company Sophos has launched Klingon Antivirus. Now, as if cryptic error messages weren’t enough for the uninitiated, you can have your computer warn you about latest virus threats in Klingon.

To be sure, this product is real, purports to scan and protect against virus threats just like Sophos’ more humanoid-compatible products, and will be supported with antivirus updates for 30 days. According to the release notes however, there are some caveats including this tidbit:

* (CL 43125.8) Klingon Anti-Virus is unable to remove Rogue Nanites from the central core. To remove establish negotiation using Android or system running OS X 10.6 and deposit on nearest uninhabited moon

Nice to know even in the age of interplanetary computer security, Macs still have an advantage.

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