Dealing with finicky Safari
Jun 4th, 2009 by scaredpoet

So, let’s just say that you happen to be a Mac user, and browse the web on Safari, only to have this frustrating problem where some of your favorite websites are mysteriously starting to look like this when they load:

Missing CSS

What’s worse, once it happens to that one site, it starts happening on every site you navigate to. The only way to stop this silly behavior is to quit Safari (sometimes a Force Quit is necessary), then relaunch and go back to what you’re doing… until it starts failing on you again.

It seems like only certain specific, image-heavy sites cause Safari to act up, making you wonder if the problem is Safari, or a badly-coded website. What’s worse, this problem (typically) doesn’t exist on FireFox or Opera.

If you look in the browser’s Activity/Debug window, you might see error messages popping up like crazy in red, that read something like:

POSIX error: Too many files open

Sound familiar? This problem can be really annoying for some of us who like Safari and some of its features, and would really rather not have to switch browsers.

But don’t fret. There IS a solution. Read the rest of this entry »

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