Pix Plox 2008: Balticon Sci-Fi Convention, Maryland
June 16th, 2008 by scaredpoet

Onezumi and Harknell - Balticon2008

Every summer, I tag along with my friends Onezumi and Harknell as they proceed on their quest to dominate the whole Webcomic Scene. So far, they have the East Coast covered, which makes for easy travel and excellent photo ops.

This is especially true considering that while some of the time, Onezumi isn’t quite like her character in her comic, it is possible to catch her at the right moment (and Harknell in the corresponding fit of despair).

There will be more OMGWTF moments to come throughout the summer. Particularly when our annual Anthrocon Invasion happens. We may even get jiggy with a Penguin!

So with that, enjoy the pics from the first of the summer conquests, Balticon 2008: Curmudgeonly Sci-Fi Fuddy-Duddies meet “New Media” Asspoop Maven.

Also: Additional guest appearances by the authors of Sex, Drugs & June Cleaver, and In His Likeness. View and enjoy. 🙂

Pics after the cut:

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